The 9 Psychological Triggers To Increased Sales And Profits

Over the weekend I read a good chunk of Jeff Walkers book, “Product Launch Formula”.


It’s an awesome read, and I highly recommend it whether or not you’re looking to launch your own product or not…

The general Sales and Marketing principles are priceless, and if you’re looking to sell more stuff and make more profits (which you probably are considering you’re sitting in front of your computer reading this now), it’ll be well worth  the time invested.

While there were many great lessons contained within it’s pages, one VERY powerful one that I feel can help ANYONE looking to increase their sales and profits immediately, and the one that jumped out at me the most, was Jeff’s “The 9 Psychological Triggers To Increased Sales Conversions”…

They’re the 9 triggers that when tapped into will

  • Convert more of your traffic into leads…
  • Convert more of your leads into sales…
  • Create more profits from your existing customers…
  • Create more social proof for you and your business…
  • And set yourself up for repeat business down the road.

… AND… today I want to share all of them with you, so you can use them in your marketing in order to increase your bottomline (the only thing that really matters).

Let’s dive in…


We often look to others to guide our decisions. It helps us short cut the decision making process. Every action in our lives requires thousands of thoughts and decisions every day. Following people with authority is a way our brains have evolved to make decisions more efficiently. An example of this is a person in uniform, a doctor or a policeman. Build authority in your marketing, and your leads and prospects will do whatever you ask of them.


The idea is that when someone gives something to us we feel an obligation to give something in return. I’ve felt it, you’ve felt it, and it’s very real. A perfect example of this is a simple birthday or Christmas time. If someone gives you a gift and you have nothing to give them in return you feel bad and want to reciprocate.

Giving tons of value in your Marketing and genuinely helping your leads solve there problems creates a “reciprocity imbalance”. The more value your leads and customers feel you provide, the more likely your prospect is going to reciprocate.


A powerful way to become influential in someone’s life is to have them trust you. If you want someone to do something, buy from you, be influenced by you it’s much easier if they trust you. Trust takes time, especially in the business world.

An example of this is if a friend or family member tells you something your likely to believe it without question because of the relationship with that person – as opposed to a stranger.

In our business, building a relationship and trust with your prospect is essential.

The fastest way to build trust with your prospects subconscious (the most powerful form of trust) is to either tell them a secret about you, or have them tell you a secret about them. Considering that you don’t have control over them, the first option is you best bet. Confide a secret with your prospects that they feel as if they shouldn’t share due to the fact that you may not want everyone to know it, and you’ll tap into there subconscious trust.


Closely related to scarcity ~ the idea that someone will want something more if there’s less of it available. Also relating to events, focusing on the date and time of something coming up. An example of this is when you’re looking forward to Christmas day or a birthday gift etc. If you use anticipation right, your prospects will look forward to your content and tune into your marketing when you tell them based on anticipation.

Use open loops, set specific dates for launches, and create a sense of excitement around what you’re doing, and you’ll create anticipation that will result in sales.


We enjoy doing business with people we know, like and trust… And we’re more influenced by people we know than by people we don’t know.

Being like-able simple comes down to being yourself in a genuine and real fashion. Be honest, give great content, interact with your prospects, and respond to people’s questions when they come up.

This authenticity and realness builds connection and like-ability.

Humanize your message as people want connection and authenticity.


People love events and get pulled in by them. It makes them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

An example of this is sports games. An event people look forward to and it becomes a ritual. Rituals pull people together in a powerful way. Religion is another powerful example.

In the modern world we are starved for rituals, which leaves you with a huge opportunity when you turn your marketing into an event.

Host webinars, “inner circle hangouts”, special meetings for your top customers, and make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger then themselves. When you do this by leveraging events, you’ll see your sales skyrocket.


We act in accordance to how we think the people in our community are suppose to act. An example of this would be religious communities. When people are part of areligious community, they tend to act in exact accordance with what that religion outlines for there community members.

Create a community around your prospects and buyers, and once again make feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.


Where there is less of something we want more. The perception of scarcity is what motivates us. It forces people to make a decision and act quickly by hopping off of the fence.

People will put off a decision if they have a choice.

The saying goes, “you don’t have an offer if you don’t have scarcity”. So if you’re trying to sell something every day of the week and letting people get that same thing whenever they want, chances are they’ll put the decision off. Where if you “make them buy” by enforcing scarcity and either making something unavailable on a set date, or by taking away a premium version of something, you’ll get people to take action and BUY NOW.

Build this into your marketing and make it clear that there will be a negative consequence if they don’t buy on specific dates.


If someones on the fence about buying something because they don’t know whether or not it will work for them, the easiest thing to do is to simply show how it’s worked for others (social proof). If it worked for time, rick, and bobby, chances are it’ll work for them as well.

Collect testimonials and case studies about your products and services and watch your sales increase when people understand that if they do what you say, things WILL work.

Use all of these 9 sales triggers in your Marketing and you WILL see a compounding effect on your bottomline. It’s simply about being consistent and taking action, and realizing it’s a matter of “when”, not “if”.

Did you get value out of today’s post, “The 9 Psychological Triggers To Increased Sales And Profits…”? If so, don’t forget to leave me a quick comment, and to share on social media!

Mel Archuleta

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