Lets Talk About Traffic…

Traffic to your website

It’s the life blood of your business…

Just like without air a human being can’t live, without traffic, an Online Business can’t survive.

It’s one thing that you simply CAN’T go without, and if you try to, you WILL fail.

I remember when I was first getting started with my online journey I made the process of getting traffic HARD.

I’d sit down and constantly weigh out all of the various pros and cons of each of the various mediums, and completely rack my brain about which one would be most likely to convert.

I’d spend hours looking at all of the various platforms and try to identify which one would give me the best return for my time and money spent.

This lead to me going $9,755 in debt jumping from one traffic source to the next without ever committing to mastering one.

I tried Facebook and failed… I tried PPV and failed… I tried Youtube videos and wasted hundreds of hours… I posted hundreds of blog posts only to get little to no traction.

Honestly, it sucked… And I wouldn’t wish that frustration on anyone.

Today I want to share with you what lead to my big turnaround, and what I believe will do the same for you.

I want to share with you the ONLY thing you should ask yourself when it comes to where you should go in order to get traffic, and share with you WHY it’s the only thing that really matters.

The question…

“WHO do I want to market to, and WHERE are those individuals?”

When you get clear on the “who”… The people who you want to put your message in front of, you’ve now identified exactly who you want to market to.

Now in order to do this you should start with your offer, and reverse engineer.

Who will your offer resonate with most?

Who is most likely to buy when they see your sales message?

Who are you talking to in the sales material (or if you’re promoting an affiliate offer, who is that person talking to)?

Drill down and get clear on WHO you’re marketing to in the first place.

…Then once you’ve done that, it’s time to focus on figuring out WHERE those individuals actually are.

If you’re marketing a weight loss product to females, Pinterest might be your best bet.

If you’re marketing a weight gain muscle building product, popular fitness youtube channels might be your best bet.

If you’re Marketing a “How To Make Mon.ey Online” offer, I guarantee you that there are people in the Marketplace with existing email lists that you can tap into with Solo Ads.

You could also find popular forums and blogs and post banners on them.

The point I’m trying to get across is that it’s NOT about trying to figure out WHICH medium is “more” responsive…

It’s NOT about weighing out which medium is going to have a higher quality of lead…

…And it’s DEFINITELY not about trying to figure out how to get the cheapest and most affordable leads.

The key is simply knowing WHO you’re marketing to, and WHERE those individuals are.

For myself personally, I LOVE Solo Ads.


Well, I’m marketing a “How To Make Money Online” offer, and I know for a fact that the individuals who are most likely to resonate with my offer are already on other peoples e-mail lists.

We’ve all heard that “The Money Is In The List”… And in our industry it’s 100% true.

With Solo Ads you can tap directly into other peoples e-mail lists bypass all of the complicated “power editors” or crazy “back-linking” strategies that make you want to pull your hair out make which in the end make you resent your business.

You tap directly into the hard work of other people and shortcut your traffic getting process.

For me, they work wonders… And if you’re promoting something similar to what I’m promoting, chances are they’ll do the same for you.

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Whether you choose to go with Solo Ads or not, remember…

When it comes to Traffic Generation, the most important thing to focus on is WHO your talking to in all of your Marketing, and then WHERE those individuals are.

Apply todays lesson, and you’ll find that getting traffic to your website becomes less complicated and more of a streamlined experience on a daily basis.

To the top,

Mel Archuleta


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