Always Focus On The Problems In Life…


Now right about now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Geez Mel, I’ve always heard that I should always look for the positives in every situation, and focus solely on those”. Well my friend… I’m here to tell you different. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that focusing on and expanding the positives, and not letting the negatives get you down is an EXTREMELY important part of being an Entrepreneur. After-all, if we’re allowing ourselves to get KO’d every-time something comes up that we’re not comfortable with, well, we’re not going to get very far. Always remember adapt improvise and adjust!

What I AM saying however, is that it’s your JOB as an entrepreneur to seek out the problems. To find the area where people are struggling. To realize what the problems which are causing most people to stumble and fall, AND THEN TO CREATE A SOLUTION (which will be your business/product).

Every single great Entrepreneur that has ever lived has realized, embraced, and ran with this truth. We, the Entrepreneurs, we’re the problem solvers. We’re the ones that’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into the trenches to find what works, what doesn’t, AND WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE IN OUR NICHES WHICH WE HAVE THE CAPABILITIES, RESOURCES, AND POWER TO FIX. 

Now, I could list endless examples of this definite truth, but for the sake of efficiency and congruence (love that word) lets stick to our Internet/Network Marketing Niche. Below are a few of the well known Entrepreneurs in our niche, and what the problems are which they’ve recognized, and created solutions to.

1. Meet, Jonathan Budd.

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan realized that there was a HUGE problem with the old “Mom and Pops” form of Network Marketing, which was severely limiting most in the area of Lead Generation and Prospecting. Jonathan figured out that the Internet was the answer to this problem, learned how to generate an endless flow of targeted leads leveraging it, and then created his original coaching program/info product “Online MLM Secrets” which showed everyone in the MLM world exactly how they could do what he was, step by step, to the tee. And the rest as they say, is history. Jonathan has now done multiple multi-million dollar launches to date, and is considered one of the leading experts in our world.

2. The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Daegan Smith.

Daegan Smith

Daegan has found and solved 2 major problems in our industry.

Firstly, he recognized that most people (including himself) SUCKED at recruiting people into their business over the phone. So… He went out and figured out how to recruit via E-mail Marketing, Relationship Building, and Story Telling, and then showed the world how to do the same… i.e. his knick-name “The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”.

Secondly, Daegan realized that there was a HUGE (potentially industry threatening) traffic problem within our niche when Google put the slap on almost every Marketer, including himself, literally shutting down their business’s overnight. So what’d Daegan do? He went out and built a Traffic Agency (The Home Business Agency), which assures that us Internet/Network Marketers will have access to quality traffic for years to come. THBA is among the biggest traffic agency’s in our Niche.

3. The Godfather, Mike Dillard 

Mike Dillard

In all honesty, Mike has found and solved too many problems to list here without dragging on for days… So I’m going to stick to his original (also the one he’s most well known for). Mike identified the problem which was the fact that everyone in the Network Marketing Industry was running around chasing their friends and family to join there business’s, instead of “Magnetically Attracting” people by strategic positioning and posture. Mike also took it one step further, and brought to light the idea of using a “Funded Proposal” in your business, which allowed Marketers to make money (usually their advertising money back) without having people join their Primary Company, VIA the sales of Info Products, thus taking a large percentage of risk out of the Paid Advertising game. Honestly, this SINGLE PROBLEM which Mike FOCUSED ON, and then SOLVED, single handedly revolutionized the Network Marketing WORLD, and his company, “Magnetic Sponsoring”, was soon one of, if not the go-to source for quality educational/info products in our niche. Mike… Is a BEAST.

4. And Lastly (there are many more, but I gotta rap it up here), the one and only “Internet Rockstar” Brian Finale.

Brian Finale


I had to list Brian here after I listed Mike above. You see, Mike revolutionized the way people looked at their business’s when he introduced the “Funded Proposal”, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the solution to the fact that 90% of individuals are simply TO LAZY to lazy to go out build their own Funded Proposal system. This is where Brian fits into the equation. Brian realized that unfortunate truth, the truth that most of the people who would read Mikes “Magnetic Sponsoring” would be too lazy to actually go out and setup their own Funded Proposal… So what’d he do? He created the EXTREMELY popular “Done For You” Funded Proposal system My Lead System Pro, or MLSP which allowed people to plugin and promote a duplicated Lead System (Funded Proposal) for a small fee each month. He also offered insanely valuable training and mentorship as part of the deal, and as a result of his PROBLEM SOLVING mindset, he now has one of the largest (if not THE largest) and most well known training/lead system companies in our space.

So, in conclusion, while you should always try to focus on the positives in life, be great-full for what you have, and try not to let the negatives get you down, do yourself a favor, and explore the problems which arise in your day to day process of building your business (keeping a journal always helps me), because maybe, just maybe, your greatest business idea is staring you in the face, but you just don’t want to address it. 
To Success, Yours and Mine.

Mel Archuleta


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